A Weekend Getaway

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a vacation from your vacation. I decided to take a long weekend trip to the Scottish boarder before the UMKC Honors Abroad group headed for the highlands the following Monday. My cousin had flown into Edinburgh on Tuesday and we took a train and then bus to Kelso on Friday, after a delicious breakfast at Elephants and Bagels.

Gluten-free fish and chips at the Waggon Inn

We arrived in Kelso around 2 and stopped for Cock-a-leekie soup and floral teas that budded from green tea leaves at Cream Chimneys. We wandered around town and then checked into our B&B, where we settled down, then went out for dinner at Waggon Inn. We both ate fish and chips, then turned in for an early night in our rooms, where we relaxed for the evening.

Watching the Pipe Band before the Ride Out

On Saturday morning we saw the ride out in Kelso, which was a tradition as a part of Kelso’s Civic Week. There was a pipe band followed by tons of horses that rode out to a local town and back, which was symbolic of cattle ranchers riding out to make sure that no thieves were stealing cattle.

Would you care for a spot of tea with that?

We returned to our B&B to have breakfast and then walked to Floors Castle. It was drizzling, but a good time. The Castle was beautiful and our lunch at the tea room was delicious. Emma and I even had the chance to play on an 1890 Steinway, one of the last to be made in Hamburg. We returned to see the town parade in the evening and then had a late dinner, where I was once again impressed by the quality of seafood.

Sunday saw us again with breakfast at the B&B. We then walked along the River Tweed to see the confluence of the Rivers Tweed and Teviot.

Having fun at Floors Castle

After finding the spot where the two rivers met, we walked to a small Evangelical church where we had coffee with part of the congregation before meeting. A lovely couple invited Emma and me to lunch and we gladly joined them. Janet and Ken were so sweet to us and we had a great time. Ken is partially paralyzed but has a wonderful outlook on life. He enjoys painting and Janet quilts. After lunch, Janet dropped us off at our B&B so we could pick up our bags. Emma and I walked to our bus stop to catch a bus to Berwick. Unfortunately, the bus we got on didn’t go to Berwick. The bus to Berwick would not be running for another 2 hours, which put us in Berwick 3 hours after our train departed! Fortunately for us, we were able to board that same bus (not running to Berwick) and make a connection at St. Boswell’s to Edinburgh. We didn’t use our train tickets, but we arrived in Edinburgh around the same time that we would have if we had taken our original route.

All in all, it was a nice, fun, relaxing weekend with a few surprises built in!

Emily McIntyre is a sophomore at the University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a Spanish minor. Emily is involved with several student organizations, including UMKC Enactus, which uses entrepreneurship to solve needs in the community. She’s looking forward to studying abroad this summer with the UMKC Honors Program in Scotland, where she plans to explore more of her family heritage and country of origin.

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