A Home Away From Home

While my time here in Cork is almost over, I have come to find Cork to be a home away from home. If someone told me that I would think of Cork as home when I first arrive here in January, I would have called them crazy! Though I have only been here for a short time, this city, its people and the atmosphere have become so familiar to me. I think the most important part of the fact that Cork feels like home is the process that got me there. When I first got to Ireland, I never thought I would fit in. My accent sticks out, my clothing style is what many would call American, and I do not look similar to the locals at all. By putting myself out there I slowly became accustomed to the Cork lifestyle. I would strike up conversations on the bus whenever it was possible. I would go to pubs and have a couple pints with my friends and invite the locals to join in. Doing this is so much fun because the locals love to talk about American life and politics, as well as Irish life and politics. Though this dialogue might seem like a tough subject, it actually always ends up with lots of laughter. We all can relate to Irish life, and also learn so much about each other. Cork has become a home, because of the friendships I have made here as well. Everyone is friendly here in Cork, so it is actually not hard to make friends. Everyone looks out for everyone else. The time I have spent with my friends has been such a fun and goofy time! Even if we are studying or just hanging out, there is always laughter.

So, for those who are worried about fitting in or getting adjusted to life abroad, there should really be no worries! At first, it might seem like living abroad is an alienating situation, but it is surprising how accepting and friendly people are. Getting out and becoming involved in University, as well as the city makes for such a fun, wonderful time!

Cork, my home away from home, definitely has some beautiful sights to offer!

Here are a few of the sights and some of the fun times I’ve had!

Port of Cork
Though St. Patrick’s Day was a while back, this is a pretty good representation of the fun we have on a regular basis!
Oliver Plunkett street. This is hands down my favorite street in Cork. It is filled with good pubs, fun boutiques, and the English Market!


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