The UMKC Fabrication Studio is a University resource directed at promoting entrepreneurship.

The shop’s primary focus is creation of prototypes for product or process development. The Fabrication studio is available for anyone who wishes to utilize the resources to create items that may advance their entrepreneurial or educational goals.

Students may use the Fabrication Studio by appointment or walk-in. Visit the Innovation Studio for more details.

Services and Cost

Student Usage 

of the Fabrication Studio is covered by the student lab fees, but students will need to provide their own materials. There is no charge for students for use of the 3D printing equipment. However, students are responsible for the cost printing materials and consumables. A Student Price Worksheet detailing charges for 3D printing is available.

UMKC Faculty/Staff Usage

of the Fabrication Studio is available to any UMKC personnel. UMKC users may receive personal consultation, training, and assistance with fabrication. Access to specific tools may require specific training or oversight.  Visit the Innovation Studio for more details.

Enterprise/Public Usage 

of the Fabrication Studio and 3D Print Lab is available to Enterprise (business) users as well as members of the public by appointment.  Enterprise or Public users may arrange access to specific tools and assistance by contacting the Fabrication Studio Manger:

3D Printing Pricing 

3D printing pricing is available for each of the three user categories. When requesting 3D printing, you will provide your digital model if you have one. Your model will be estimated and other factors assessed, then a quote will be issued. If you approve, the item will be printed, and an invoice generated from UMKC to the person and address approving the charges.

Currently there are two ways to pay for printing, MoCode and Credit Card payment via website.  

Please note that while we will do our best to achieve the best possible results, printing output results are never guaranteed and any estimate of completion time is informational only- Print completion time is never guaranteed.