Winter Break Reduced Operations

The University of Missouri, including the UMKC campus, will be operating under a reduced operation plan during the period starting the day after the Christmas Day holiday is observed and running through the end of the day before New Year’s Day is observed, (December 26 – December 31). Normal business operations will resume on January 2, 2019.

If you are in a position that accrues vacation, sick leave and personal days, you are eligible for winter break paid leave during this period. Unit leadership will determine whether any employees will be required to work during the winter break and will directly notify those employees. If you are required to work during the winter break, you will receive the same amount of paid time off to be used sometime before November 30 of the following year or they will be forfeited.

For additional information, you can view the official Collected Rules and Regulations as well as the Winter Break Reduced Operations Q&A document. Additionally, Human Resources can be reached at 816-235-1621.