Tax Form 1095-C Information

The 1095-C is titled “Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage.” It is a new form you will receive this year from any employer required to offer health insurance coverage to you, your spouse, and/or other dependents for all or a portion of the tax year, whether you enrolled in the employer’s coverage or not. The 1095-C is used by all applicable large employers to show insurance coverage eligibility for an employee during the completion of their income tax return(s).

Because this is the first year Form 1095-C is being sent to taxpayers; we are working closely with the IRS to accurately generate the form. Currently they are some delays with Form 1095-C. Therefore, the IRS has extended the deadline by which employers must postmark the form. The new postmark date is March 31, 2016, for delivery by the US Postal Service.

You may not need to wait until Form 1095-C arrives to finish your taxes. UM cannot provide tax advice. To learn more, we recommend you consult a tax advisor or read the IRS FAQ about this form.

Please allow 5 business days for delivery of Form 1095-C if you have not received your 1095-C by Friday, April 8th contact the HR center at (573) 882-2146 or by e-mail at