Talk It Up!

Time to Talk It Up!

We at UMKC are committed to each other’s learning, growth and success. With the beginning of our academic year it’s time for us as supervisors and employees to make a conscious shift towards having productive two way conversations around individual development through our Talk It Up! Conversations.

As schedules and workloads allow, please set aside time to have these important conversations. We have put together some tips for having remote Talk It Up! meetings, to support our current work environment and social distancing practices.  Check them out here.


Talk It Up! Conversation

                     Supervisor          <—–>                     Employee

Supervisor and employees meet to give and receive developmental feedback in a positive, constructive and mutually supportive manner.


Supervisor insights are particularly important to developing our employees.  Individuals need to work with their supervisor to make sure they are getting the feedback they need related to their professional strengths, development and career goals.

Visit the Talk it Up webpage for more information, including sample agendas, helpful tips, and more.

It’s all about connection & collaboration between Supervisor & Employee. So why wait …….schedule your Talk it Up now!