Talk It UP!


We heard you, and your input informed UMKC’s new strategic plan. The plan states that our foundational commitment is to our people, and we have committed to creating a developmental culture and a learning community. The UMKC Talk It Up! program focuses on people-centered dialog. It provides a set of tools designed to help facilitate learning and development conversations.

Program Description

Talk It Up! Includes tools and resources, an online learning module on myLearn (coming soon), and an interactive workshop where you will learn how to share feedback and engage in developmental and coaching conversations. Open communication is a foundational skill in any relationship and a collaboration skill for creating a learning-centered environment for all. Talk It Up! workshops will be offered on a regular basis and these concepts are now part of the UMKC Supervisory Development Series course, The Importance of Feedback.

Each of us has a role to help build our culture of learning and development. A key action item is quarterly Talk It Up! meetings. Beginning Fall 2019, these meetings will provide scheduled time for employees discuss learning goals with their supervisor. Not sure where to start? Talk It Up! resources provide Development and Coaching Conversation tools for supervisors and employees, the GROW Model worksheet to help explore learning plans, and additional information to help keep the conversation going.

Benefits of Quarterly Talk it Up! Conversations


Your 1st Talk it Up! Conversation (Tips for Managers and Employees)

Sample List of Topics to Discuss During Your Talk it UP! Conversation

  • Employee’s aspirations and interest
  • Skills the employee wants or needs to develop
  • What is the employee already doing to reach those goals
  • Existing development plan from the performance review – talk about existing development plan if already created as part of the performance review process
  • Support needed by the employee:
    • How does the employee want to be coached/ mentored
    • The development opportunities that are available
  • Finalize the development plan and activities associated with the same
    • Prioritize the development activities based on what would be most beneficial for achieving short term goals followed by the long term goals
  • Agree on the timeline and schedule for connecting back to discuss progress

List of Developmental Activities

Development Resources and Avenues that could be included in the development plan