Talk It UP!


Program Overview

We heard you, and your input informed UMKC’s new strategic plan. The plan states that our foundational commitment is to our people, and we have committed to creating a developmental culture and a learning community. The UMKC Talk It UP! program focuses on people-centered dialog. It provides a set of tools designed to help facilitate learning and development conversations.


Program Description

Talk It UP! Includes tools and resources, an online learning module in Percipio, and an in-person training where you will learn how to share feedback and engage in developmental and coaching conversations. Open communication is a foundational skill in any relationship and a collaboration skill for creating a learning-centered environment for all. Talk It UP! workshops will be offered on a regular basis.

Each of us has a role to help build our culture of learning and development. A key action item is quarterly Talk It UP! meetings. Since Fall 2019, these meetings have provided scheduled time for employees discuss learning goals with their supervisor. Not sure where to start? The Talk It UP! resources listed on the side menu, provide a Development and Coaching Conversation Tool for supervisors and employees, a GROW Model worksheet to help explore learning plans, and additional information to help keep the conversation going.

Benefits of Quarterly Talk it UP! Conversations

Talk It UP! Timeline


**It’s currently time to Talk It Up! Here are some tips on how to have your Talk It Up! meeting virtually. If you are a new employee, new manager or need a refresher, a Talk It Up! training is available in Percipio**

Your 1st Talk it UP! Conversation

The one on one Talk It UP! meeting between the supervisor and the employee is a free form meeting with the following objectives:

  • Address the development needs of employee, supporting growth and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Provide mutual feedback to help each other grow in their roles.

These regular check-ins being employee focused are likely to go beyond the regular status update meetings.

During your 1st Talk It UP! meeting it’s important to begin conversation about areas of interest for development and to begin defining the development needs and goals for the upcoming year. We encourage you to close the meeting with specific action items that would help achieve the goals you have discussed.


The tips below for managers and employees will aid in preparation for the meeting and can help establish a structure to make the conversation effective.

First Talk It UP! Sample Agenda

Tips for Your 1st Talk it UP! Conversation for Managers and Employees


Follow up Talk it UP! Conversation

In order for the Talk It UP! meetings to be effective they need to happen regularly (at least one per quarter as defined under the Talk It UP! timeline). This is also a way for the supervisor to demonstrate that they are invested in the development of the employees within their team.

In these meetings, the supervisor and the employee by should know the development direction established for the employee. As a result, the follow up Talk It UP! meetings will provide opportunity to assess the progress made for the set goals and the ability to revisit action items or areas as applicable. If goals haven’t been established or if they need to be updated along the way, follow-up meetings will also allow for changes to be made as necessary.

Follow up Talk It UP! Sample Agenda