Professional Development

The Office of Human Resources (HR) serves UMKC by focusing on the university’s most important asset: its employees. As a strategic partner with UMKC’s leadership, we develop and deliver innovative HR programs and services designed to support the mission of the university and enhance UMKC’s organizational effectiveness. To effectively meet the changing needs of our many customers, HR is dedicated to continually assessing and improving programs and services. We welcome your feedback and ideas regarding opportunities to improve efficiencies, simplify processes, increase productivity and raise quality.

About Our Programs

The goal of the HR Talent Management team is to provide a broad range of professional development and training opportunities to meet the needs of our community. We have many options available, including in-person courses, online learning resources in Percipio, certificate programs, and partnerships with education providers, such as Kansas City Professional Development Council and Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE program. Additionally, Talent Management offers coaching and consultation services to individuals and work teams.

How to Enroll

Enrollment for training programs is done in the Percipio system. Use your Single Sign-on (SSO) to login.

Enrollment for Instructor-led Courses in the Percipio system.

  1. Visit Percipio.
  2. Login with your university Single Sign-on (SSO). First time users will need to select their topics of interest. These can be changed at any time; however, one must be selected to move forward with the login process.
  3. Once logged in select UMKC from the menu titled “library” at the top left side of the page.
  4. Select the box “custom channel” to open the UMKC channel.
  5. Under the banner, select “Attend”. Then select the Instructor Led Training you are looking for.
  6. Use the Learn more & Register link to get course information, save items to your playlist, view list of upcoming sessions, and enroll.
  7. If there are upcoming sessions, you will have a list with links to enroll or withdraw yourself from a session.
  8. The Percipio system will send an email confirmation with a link to add to your Outlook calendar.


Professional Development Opportunities

Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

The University of Missouri System Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP) is a prestigious program that provides professional development opportunities and ongoing support to administrative leaders on all campuses system-wide. ALDP enhances effective leadership with a focus on building the foundation for a robust learning environment.

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Program Benefits

Administrative leaders uphold and define the UM System mission and the direction and values of its departments. The ALDP is respected as a proving ground where emerging and current leaders alike can expand and refine their leadership skills.

The UM System seeks applications from administrators each fall for a spring cohort to become a part of the ALDP. We strive to select a diverse group of leaders that includes a wide range of experience and expertise. At the end of the program you will:

  • Learn more about yourself and your leadership characteristics
  • Offer guidance and support to the staff managed by ALDP members
  • Work with a network of peers to make a difference on your campus
  • Build commitment among department colleagues toward academic excellence and the UM mission

Contact the UM System HR at hrservicecenter
for information on this program.

Creating Inclusive Communities (CIC) Program

The Creating Inclusive Communities (CIC) Program is a collaboration between UMKC Human Resources and the Division of Diversity and Inclusion. The program provides opportunities for groups to meet and discuss topics around many dimensions of diversity and inclusion. A regular schedule of open sessions will be available throughout the year and groups may request a session for their team. Sessions are a facilitated conversation and are generally one hour.

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The program uses stories from higher education professions from across the county to prompt discussion and sharing. These stories (videos and images) form the foundation for a facilitated dialog among participants. The purpose is to use these stories to create opportunities for employees to share thoughts and feelings about topics around diversity and inclusion.

Request a Session

Contact Megan Gonzalez in the Human Resources office at 816-235-1621 or at to request a session for your department or team. She will contact our facilitator group to check availability for your preferred date and time. You may also use the Training Request form under Request a Training or Program on the Human Resources Professional Development site to start your request.

Credit: This program is based on the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources’ (CUPA-HR) Creating Inclusive Communities (CIC) Project.
For more information visit

Division of Diversity and Inclusion

Training and development through the Division of Diversity and Inclusion and campus collaborations ensures students, staff and faculty have opportunities to develop self-awareness and skills as culturally-competent leaders able to contribute an inclusive campus environment and to compete in an increasingly diverse and competitive global environment. Face to Face, Online and Discipline Specific training and development is available or coming soon. Enroll in these courses using Percipio.

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University Statement on Diversity

UMKC values diversity as central to its mission as an urban-serving research university and as a driver of excellence in teaching and learning. UMKC embraces a broad spectrum of diversities, including race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, linguistic ability, learning style, religion, socioeconomic and veteran status, life experiences, educational level and family structure.

Courses Offered

  • Embrace Diversity
  • Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World
  • Crucial Conversations with Cultural Intelligence
  • The Science of Unconscious Bias and its Professional Implications
  • Understanding our Privilege and its ImpactThere are many ways to get involved.

Visit the UMKC Division of Diversity and Inclusion for course descriptions, registration, and information on ways to get involved.

Henry W. Bloch School of Management: Executive Education Seminars

Bloch Executive Education recognizes the needs of organizations to strengthen their leadership talent, as well as professionals, to continue their pursuit of professional development. As such, we have developed seminars for individuals or teams designed specifically to build professional and leadership talent.

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The seminars are one-day programs focused on current business concepts and future trends with emphasis on practical learning and applicable techniques. Participants are given the opportunity to build skills to improve decision-making in a safe “practice environment” where they can test assumptions and realize outcomes with peers.

An individual can choose to take one or several classes and earn recognition of completion by participating in any one of the four seminars. There are no prerequisites to participate.

Information can be found on the Bloch Executive Education website.

Upcoming Seminars

UMKC employees may attend at a discounted rate of $195.00 per person for each session. There are limitations on the discounted rate, please contact Megan Gonzalez in the HR office or 816-235-6401 if you would like to learn more about this opportunity.

Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE Program

Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE™ provides employers with a comprehensive toolkit of options for managing employee health and managing costs associated with preventable conditions and unhealthy lifestyles.

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While our solutions have evolved over the years to meet employers’ changing needs, our health and wellbeing objectives have remained constant:

To find the best possible solutions for managing health risks through proven interventions and strategies; to improve employee health as a means to reduce or eliminate unnecessary utilization of expensive health care services; and to demonstrate a return on investment with quantifiable results by delivering the most cost-effective, highest quality services and programs.

Workshop topics offered throughout the year may include:

  • Ergonomics
  • Communication
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • Workplace Effectiveness
  • Wellbeing and Health Topics
  • Time Management

UMKC Human Resources Special Topics

HR offers in-person training and development opportunities throughout the year. These courses are open to all and provide an opportunity to learn and network with colleagues. Additionally, the courses listed below can be adapted to fit departmental needs.

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Embracing Multiple Generations

Participants will learn about the five different generations represented in the workplace today and the benefits, challenges and management techniques for working with these generations.

Guide to Public Speaking

Do you get nervous speaking in front of a crowd? No worries, public speakers are not born to be speakers, they are made. Join us to learn tips on how to prepare, control your nerves and deliver a great speech.

Leadership from Any Chair

Come see how leadership can occur not just in traditional roles, but in every job! We will discuss traditional and transformational leadership and help you discover your personal leadership style.

Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar

It’s your future. Unlock the mysteries of your UM Retirement benefits! If you were hired prior to October 1, 2012, join a representative from the UM System Benefits office as they explain how retirement benefits are calculated, what to consider when deciding the best date to retire, benefit options available, taxability of retirement benefits, retiree health insurance benefits and the retirement application process.

Team Building

Participants will learn the difference between team building and team development and learn tips and strategies to apply team building when needed.

Supervisory Development Series

This Supervisory Development Series is designed for newly hired or promoted supervisors who manage staff. By participating in this program, supervisors and managers will be equipped with the fundamental skills necessary to be an effective and successful manager of talent.

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Program Benefits

The Supervisory Development Series is delivered through a blended learning format. The curriculum includes eight online courses and ten in-person courses. The online component offers flexibility and the in-person courses provide an opportunity to network and learn with colleagues. Those who complete all program requirements will receive a certificate of completion. The in-person courses are taught in both spring and fall semesters.

Upon completion of the Supervisory Development Series, participants will be able to:

  • Describe essential supervisory responsibilities
  • Understand UMKC policies and how to effectively respond to and handle common management issues
  • Utilize the Time and Labor to effectively record time for yourself and employees
  • Understand the Family and Medical Leave Act and when employees should be utilizing leave regarding FMLA guidelines
  • Implement effective strategies to interview and select qualifying candidates for open positions
  • Resolve performance and disciplinary issues by implementing fair and progressive disciplinary processes


In-Person Courses for Supervisory Development Series

Supervisory Foundations

An introduction to the Supervisory Development Series, highlighting the skills and abilities of effective supervisors. This course will give you concepts and ideas to think about and to apply to your supervising. There will be a lot of interaction and rich discussion, which is often the most beneficial for participants.

Policy Overview

A discussion on why we need policies and where to find UMKC policies. Supervisors will also learn how their role is related to policies here at UMKC.

Legal and Effective Discipline

Participants will learn about UMKC’s Performance Management Program and discipline process. We will discuss how to identify, address, document and improve problem performance.

Litigation Landmines

We will provide our supervisors with information concerning important laws, practices and related UMKC policies that affect the hiring, management and termination of employees. Supervisors will learn how to effectively respond to and handle common management issues that arise in the normal course of their job.

Time and Labor

Participants will learn the ins and outs of time and labor at UMKC, including timesheets, exempt vs. non-exempt and time and labor roles and responsibilities.

Family and Medical Leave Act

A discussion on the purpose and benefits of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Supervisors will learn who is covered, the FML process, how long employees can be gone and the employee/employer responsibilities when FMLA time is utilized.

Interviewing and Selection

Do you have an open position in your department? We will discuss the job opening approval process, the importance of job assessments and recruitment intake meetings with your recruiter. Supervisors will also learn how to screen and identify candidates, skills for effective interviewing and how to select the appropriate candidate for the position.

Importance of Feedback

Supervisors will learn why feedback is important and its benefits. We will discuss how to effectively evaluate employee performance, how to prepare necessary documentation, how to work with your employees to set goals and how to conduct fair appraisals at UMKC.

Embrace Diversity

Participants will develop an understanding of the breadth of diversity while sharing aspects of their unique identities with each other. They will also learn five theoretical models regarding cultural competency. Lastly, they will review a range of strategies and resources to develop cultural competencies and more fully contribute to organizational change.

Goal: Participants from all levels and starting points will better understand UMKC diversity and inclusion efforts and be more likely to commit to engaging in UMKC Strategic Goal #5: Embrace Diversity – To celebrate diversity in all aspects of university life, creating inclusive environments, culturally competent citizens and globally-oriented curricula and programs.

The Science of Unconscious Bias and its Professional Implications

Participants will learn about unconscious bias and how it can impact professional judgment. They will discuss implications impacts on professional judgment and the professional environment and review resources to further identify unconscious bias and ways to reduce unconscious bias.

Goal: Participants will have an increased capacity to recognize biases and prevent or reduce unintended consequences in order to create a more inclusive campus and climate.

myLearn Courses for Supervisory Development Series

MyLearn Course TitleDuration
Supervisory Foundations120 minutes
Policy Overview60 minutes
Legal and Effective Discipline120 minutes
Litigation Landmines120 minutes
Time and Labor60 minutes
Family and Medical Leave Act60 minutes
Interviewing & Selection120 minutes
Importance of Feedback120 minutes
Embrace Diversity120 minutes
The Science of Unconscious Bias120 minutes

Summer Development Series

Program Benefits

This series is designed to give you the flexibility to create a summer learning plan that fits your needs. Select courses from a single theme or mix and match — the goal is to make this the best plan for you!

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UMKC Summer Development Series program details and dates are announced late spring