Performance Evaluations

The performance evaluation process is required for all full-time benefit eligible staff. The performance evaluation process is completed through the PeopleSoft ePerformance platform. ePerformance helps enrich your annual performance evaluation and keep track of your performance year-round.  In the Resources section, you will find helpful materials such as an outline of the performance evaluation process, training courses to develop your performance management skills and tips to assist you with setting performance goals. 

Purpose of Performance Evaluations

The performance evaluation process provides a mechanism for employees to contribute to the achievement of UMKC’s vision and organizational objectives. It facilitates communication between employees and their immediate supervisor by providing a structure for feedback on performance. We are committed to the success of the process in order to:

  • Fully develop employee potential and improve communication relating to performance
  • Provide a method to reward employees on a merit basis (based on overall budget considerations)
  • Improve productivity and the performance of the university
  • Reinforce UMKC’s mission, value and culture

Performance Evaluation Overview

The annual evaluation process occurs between April 1 and July 31 and consists of the following steps:

  • Employee writes their self-evaluation
  • Evaluator drafts their evaluation of the employee’s performance
  • Evaluator’s supervisor reviews and approves the evaluation
  • Employee and evaluator meet to discuss the evaluation
  • Employee completes the electronic sign-off acknowledging receipt (option to make comments)
  • Evaluator reviews comments (if applicable) and finalizes

For convenience, automated notifications are sent to the person responsible for each step as it becomes available.


The objectives of the performance evaluation are to provide feedback on the past performance of employees, to agree on standards for future performance, and to develop goals and objectives for personal and professional growth. For these objectives to be achieved, both managers and their staff must have a good understanding of the process and fully support it.

The performance evaluation, however, is not a substitute for periodic and continuous review of an employee’s job performance. Supervisors should conduct reviews regularly during the year in order to discuss the employee’s progress toward accomplishing desired results and to address ongoing issues. Good employee relations are built upon fair and equitable treatment. We must base our treatment of employees on definite standards, applied fairly and without discrimination. The performance evaluation is a tool to honestly and objectively evaluate performance.

ePerformance Training

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If you have any questions about Performance Evaluations, the ePerformance platform, or if you need assistance, please contact your ePerformance administrator Megan Gonzalez, or for technical assistance, contact Mercedes Tillman. Alternatively, the UMHR Service Center can be reached at 800-488-5288 or via email at

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Using myPerformance Throughout the Year

myPerformance is an excellent tool for employees and supervisors to keep track of performance throughout the year because as you know, performance management does not just occur during the performance appraisal! The myPerformance system provides numerous opportunities for managing performance such as: goal setting, journaling and development planning. Please review the video below for additional details.

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Reporting for Managers in myPerformance

Managers and supervisors have access to a myriad of reports and other helpful data within the myPerformance system. This information is helpful not only after an appraisal period but useful during the calibration phase of your process. Please review the video below for helpful information.