New Employees

Welcome to UMKC!

We, the community members of UMKC, are proud to contribute to a student-centered urban university, serving our mission of learning, discovery, research, and service, inspired by our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and respectful interaction.

Below you will find many resources that can help ease you into the university as you begin your journey at UMKC. These resources include new employee orientation, new employee and new supervisor checklists, helpful campus services, Human Resources Facilitators, and general information for getting started.

We are excited that you have joined our UMKC community! Please contact your HR Recruiter with any questions you have. We are here to assist you in any way possible to ensure that your onboarding experience goes smoothly.

New Employee Orientation

After you are hired as a new employee of UMKC, you will attend new employee orientation. In new employee orientation, you will get an overview of university policies, benefit programs offered to you and your eligible dependents, and the chance to ask any questions that you may have about the university and your employment. Visit the New Employee Orientation Calendar to see when your new employee orientation session will be held.


New employee orientation is hosted every other week. We encourage new employees to attend as soon as possible after beginning work at UMKC. If you are a new faculty member, please see the Faculty Resources and Orientation page. Below is the new employee orientation agenda and topics that will be addressed during your session.


8:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. Welcome to UMKC Introduction, New Hire Onboarding Discussion and Submission, Introductions, and Pictures for University ID Cards.

8:45 am – 9:50 a.m. Student Statistics & Success, UMKC Human Resources Policies and Procedures, and UMKC HR Website Highlights.

9:50 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Brief Break and Snack.

10:00 a.m. – 11:30a.m. UMKC Employee Benefits Orientation.


Parking can be found in the Cherry Street Parking Structure just north of the Administrative Center. Metered parking is located on the fifth level of the parking structure along with a pedestrian walkway that will lead you to a walking path to the Administrative Center. The metered parking area is highlighted in yellow on our campus map.


You are welcome to park at the metered parking without paying your first day. If you receive a ticket, contact Human Resources and let them know that it was your first day of employment so that they can waive this for you.

Please stop by the Parking Office (Administrative Center, Room 221) to sign up for your parking hangtag if you plan to park on campus during the course of your employment. You will need your car’s license plate number for this, so please have it handy. You may also obtain your parking pass online.

For more information about places to park and parking passes, visit the Parking Operations Webpage.

New Employee Onboarding E-Forms

You are required to complete online hiring documents before beginning employment. You will receive an email from “no-reply UM System” with a subject line of “Welcome to Univ. of MO” within the next 24 -48 hours. This email will give you information about entering in the last required documents of your hire. You should receive this email within 24-48 hours depending on when the department processes and approves. If you do not, please contact 855 524-0002 or


You must bring two forms of identification on your first day, to complete your I-9. Please reference the List of Acceptable Documents for I-9s and bring these with you on your first day. If you are not able to bring these items on your first day, please notify Human Resources immediately.

Who Is My HR Facilitator/HR Business Partner?

HR Facilitators (HRFs)/ HR Business Partners (HRBPs) are department/unit/division representatives who handle the primary communication and processing of human resource-related activity for their respective departments.


The HRF/HRBP provides overall guidance and a wide range of human resource services to managers, supervisors and individual employees in accordance with university and unit policies and practices in support of the goals of the unit.  The HRF is a resource for Human Resources (HR) related information, has experience handling employment and work-related matters, and will answer questions in these areas as well as act as a liaison with HR for guidance and support, as necessary.


Academic AffairsLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664
AdvancementAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
Arts and Sciences, College ofHea-Kyung Shoemakershoemakerh@umkc.edu1683
Athletics, IntercollegiateJessie Bakerbakerjess@umkc.edu6469
Biological Sciences, School ofCory Kinderkinderc@umkc.edu5991
Campus Facilities ManagementAndrea DiRaimodiraimoa@umkc.edu1357
CashiersHeather Swansonswansonh@umkc.edu2650
Central Ticket OfficeAndrea DiRaimodiraimoa@umkc.edu1357
Chancellor's OfficeLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664
Computing and Engineering, School ofCamille Johnson-Arnoldjohnsonarnoldc@umkc.edu1261
Conservatory of Music and DanceAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
Dentistry, School ofTom Bachmannbachmannt@umkc.edu5753
Diversity and InclusionHeather Swansonswansonh@umkc.edu2650
Education, School ofTom Bachmannbachmannt@umkc.edu5753
Environmental Health and SafetyAndrea DiRaimodiraimoa@umkc.edu1357
Faculty AffairsSusan Hankinshankinss@umkc.edu6670
Finance and AdministrationHeather Swansonswansonh@umkc.edu2650
Graduate Studies, School ofLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664
Human ResourcesCory Kinderkinderc@umkc.edu5991
Information ServicesKatey Collinsmairsk@umkc.edu1481
Institute for Human DevelopmentBrandon Kingkingcb@umkc.edu1694
KC RepHeather Swansonswansonh@umkc.edu2650
KCURJeanne Rooneyrooneyjm@umkc.edu2868
Law, School ofHea-Kyung Shoemakershoemakerh@umkc.edu1683
Mail ServicesAndrea DiRaimodiraimoa@umkc.edu1357
Management, School ofMary Morganmorganmary@umkc.edu2331
Marketing/CommunicationsAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
Medicine, School ofJessie Bakerbakerjess@umkc.edu6469
Miller Nichols LibraryJennifer Eigstieigstij@umkc.edu1533
Nursing, School ofMousami Mohantymohantym@umkc.edu5677
Parking OperationsAndrea DiRaimodiraimoa@umkc.edu1357
Pharmacy, School ofNancy Bahnerbahnern@umkc.edu2429
Police DepartmentHeather Swansonswansonh@umkc.edu2650
ProvostLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664
Research ServicesSandy Wilsonwilsonsan@umkc.edu5600
Student AffairsMousami Mohantymohantym@umkc.edu5677
University CollegeLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664

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