Recruitment Services

The quality of the UMKC faculty and staff shapes the reputation of the university. No activity is more critical than the selection of these individuals. Success in attracting and hiring top candidates depends upon a carefully planned and conducted search process. Every participant in the search process must demonstrate skill and competence in selection processes and procedures and in the application of effective selection tools. It is the job of the recruitment team to see to it that this process is followed.

Full Cycle Recruitment

Working in Talent Management, our recruiters provide Full Cycle Recruitment Services to UMKC. FCR provides a customized and strategic recruitment plan from the time your position is open all the way to onboarding of your new employee. Our aim is to positively impact student success by recruiting and retaining a highly competent, diverse and engaged workforce, impact quality of hire and reduce time to hire.


Additional Services

Who is your Recruiter?

Kelly Limpic

Department TitleHuman Resources FacilitatorUMKC Extension
Bloch School of ManagementMary Morgan2331
Chancellor's OfficeHeather Swanson2650
College of Arts and SciencesHea-Kyung Shoemaker1683
Information ServicesKatey Collins1481
Intercollegiate AthleticsJessie Baker6469
Law SchoolAndrea Brown5379
School of DentistryShannon Ross2159
School of EducationTom Bachmann5753
School of MedicineJessie Baker6469
School of Nursing and Health StudiesMousami Mohanty 5981
School of PharmacyNancy Bahner2429

Beth Clark

Department TitleHuman Resources FacilitatorUMKC Extension
Academic Affairs/Provost/Graduate Studies Leigh Kerwin 1664
Administration & Finance (non-CFM)Heather Swanson2650
Advancement/CommunicationsAlia Krzyzanowski 1622
Biological SciencesCory Kinder 5991
Campus Facilities Management (CFM)Andrea DiRaimo1357
Computing and EngineeringCamille Johnson-Arnold1261
ConservatoryAlia Krzyzanowski 1622
DiversityHeather Swanson2650
Human ResourcesCory Kinder5991
Institute for Human DevelopmentBrandon King1694
KCURJeanne Rooney2868
LibrariesJennifer Eigsti1533
Research ServicesSandy Wilson1303
Student AffairsMousami Mohanty 5981