Search Committee Training

Search committees play an integral role in the recruitment and retention of many faculty and staff positions. The positive outcomes of a successful search committee include the potential to increase diversity within our faculty and staff and ensure that we welcome the best and brightest to our university community.

Search Committee Training is an annual requirement for all individuals (Including External Committee Members) who serve on a search at UMKC.

General search committee training sessions will be held on a monthly basis and includes the following sections:

  • Module One: Diversifying the Academy
  • Module Two: Search Committee Essentials
  • Dean/Chair Training is also available upon request for search committees.

Visit the Human Resources – Search Committees page for a list of resources explaining the Search Committee process, equitable recruitment and hiring practices, interviewing tips, evaluation forms, and other frequently asked questions.

To enroll in a Search Committee Training session, please click this link. There are sessions available through the end of June 2018. Sessions may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

For more information about this course, contact Kevin Sansberry at 816-235-5818 or Mikah Thompson at 816-235-6910.