Resources for New Supervisors

From overseeing tasks, to leading large divisions, managers and supervisors at UMKC are integral to the University’s success. The resources on the HR Supervisors Page will help department chairs, supervisors, and hiring managers new to their roles accomplish many of their routine daily tasks more efficiently. Specifically, the First-Time Manager Essentials course in myLearn and corresponding book are terrific resources for supervisors beginning their path to leadership. This course is specifically directed towards those who have never been in a management position before and teaches what challenges to expect, how to meet unique expectations that come with being a manager, and much more.

The Supervisor Page on the HR website also contains some additional, new resources that aim to ensure a smooth transition into a leadership role, including:

  • Onboarding Resource Guide– This guide serves as a systematic walkthrough of the onboarding and orientation process at UMKC to ensure your new employee is prepared to transition into their role at UMKC.
  • New Employee Checklists- There are three detailed checklists (one for new supervisors, one for new employees and one for welcoming your new employee) available to ensure employee are on the right track when first starting out at the University.
  • Setting Expectations and Creating Goals– There are several resources listed that can help supervisors in developing and enforcing their expectations of their direct reports, as well as learning how to create goals for them.
  • Employee Recognition Guide– This guide provides supervisors the necessary tools and information to effectively recognize their employees’ performance.

For additional supervisor resources, courses and information, visit the HR Supervisors page. For questions about the First-Time Manager Essentials online training session, contact Susi Mickey at or the UMKC HR Service Center at 816-235-1621.