Productivity & Collaboration Tools

Interested in learning what is possible with Microsoft Office Suite? Want to maximize your daily productivity in Microsoft Outlook? Or are you interested in learning more about Mac OS Sierra? MyLearn offers multiple trainings and videos focusing on productivity and collaboration with computer software. These trainings can teach participants to:

• Become more knowledgeable in Office Suite
• Develop the Outlook skills to create and edit professional-looking emails, maintain calendars and schedule tasks, plan staff meetings, and assign meeting action items and more.
• Explore multiple platforms of productivity and collaboration tools to broaden their skills
• Learn how to create tables and formulas in Excel

Click here to access these courses in MyLearn. Once logged in, training materials and videos can be found in the library under Productivity & Collaboration Tools. There, you will be able to choose the topic of your interest. Please be aware to choose the software that correlates with the system you use (for UMKC, most common is Microsoft Office 2016). If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Susi Mickey at