New ePerformance Process!

In the past, staff have completed a six-step annual performance appraisal process. To encourage continuous communication and collaboration between manager and employee as well as focus our efforts on employee growth, we will now implement a shorter process that includes three Progress Check-Ins per year. We’re already well into FY21 so, this year, staff and their managers will complete a single, rated Progress Check-In. Your Progress Check-In form is now live in myHR (employees) and PeopleSoft Manager Self-Service (managers). All steps of the process should be completed by no later than July 31.

The performance review calendar now includes three scheduled Progress Check-In discussions throughout the course of the fiscal year. The third check-in will require a manager rating. The fiscal year has been divided into three separate time frames to provide guidance on when the Progress Check-Ins will need to occur. Progress Check-Ins can occur at any point during the current performance time frame to allow flexibility around business needs.

Each check-in will include a self-review and a manager assessment, both completed in ePerformance. Employees and their managers will receive automated prompts when each Progress Check-In period begins as well as reminders regarding each step of the process.

Learn more about this process by accessing the online Building a Performance Culture resource in Percipio, or by attending an instructor led UM System Training. Additionally, we encourage you to review the ePerformance Progress Check-Ins webpage.

Please contact the UM System HR Service Center if you have questions.