MyLearn: Success Factor Courses

As we begin the performance appraisal season, your professional development and growth are important factors to consider. Our learning management system, myLearn offers a wide variety of free training courses for all university employees that want to supercharge their development, all from the comfort and convenience of your own computer!

Related to your annual performance appraisal, there are new success factor-based training courses divided into categories consistent with the myPerformance appraisal. This allows employees to train specifically according to their job categories, rather than a generic training designed for all jobs alike. Within each job category, employees can choose to train on the specific success factor (accountability, collaboration, communication, customer focus, diversity & inclusion, judgment, and time management) that they wish to gain more knowledge on. These courses are excellent resources for employees that wish to go above and beyond on their annual performance review evaluations and increase their development.

To enroll in a myPerformance Success Factor Course, you may do so by clicking here and logging into myLearn. Then, simply select the category in which your position falls under and select the training you wish to take. You may also view the success factor definitions here.

For additional questions regarding Success Factor Courses, contact Susi Mickey in Human Resources at or 816-235-1619.