Employee Leave Benefits Update

On June 21st, the University of Missouri Board of Curators reviewed and approved revisions to our Collected Rules and Regulations (CRRs) that will provide faculty and staff with more flexibility as they use paid leave. Review the summaries of the changes below, or access the complete, revised CRRs for additional information.

Personal Days

Previously, newly hired employees who accrue time where only allowed to use two of the total four personal days earned annually during their first six months. The amendment to CRR 340.060 now allows new employees to use personal days without any restrictions during the first six months.

Sick Leave

CRR 340.030 previously designated a maximum of 12 sick days per year that could be used for family sickness and adoption. The new amendment removes the 12 day limitation and allows employees to use accrued sick time to cover absences related to the employee’s own illness or an immediate family member’s illness as approved by their supervisor. The new amendment also allows 480 hours of accrued paid leave (vacation, personal, sick) to be used for care of an employee’s child within 12 months after birth or for placement of an adopted or foster child in the employee’s home or care of that child within 12 months after placement.

If you have any questions regarding the changes to Personal Days or Sick Leave, please contact your department HRF/HRBP . You can also contact the HR Service Center at 816-235-1621 for questions.