It’s time for the 2nd Talk It Up!

December 2nd – January 10th

Thank you for engaging in the ‘Talk It Up’ conversation last quarter. It’s time for us to connect back and review the progress we have made in the areas we discussed in our last ‘Talk It Up’ as well as make plans for the future.

As we begin our 2nd ‘Talk It Up’ conversations, you may want to consider the following:

  • Plan ahead: Put time on your schedule now, for your learning and development conversations between December & Early January
  • Prepare: Pull together information based on areas discussed in the last ‘Talk It Up’ conversation. Review your notes from the last meeting and think about what you have accomplished since then and what are the next steps:
    • Employees: reevaluate your goals and come prepared to discuss
    • Managers: review your action items and consider additional ways to support your employee
  • Take responsibility for professional development: leverage the available resources and seek guidance as applicable

The more employees and supervisors are able to discuss the developmental needs, the more likely they are to work towards accomplishing goals and developing employee’s skills…….So get started and block time now!!!


Training available

To learn more about ‘Talk It Up’ or leverage the tools and techniques for effective Talk It Up conversations, visit the Talk It Up webpage.

There are in-person sessions available and the registration for the same is through myLearn.

UMKC Career Management Resources

The University recognizes the distinct advantage of talented employees seeking job and career advancement within UMKC. Hiring internal employees allows UMKC to retain, recognize, and reward talent within the organization. Creating internal opportunities for career advancement also enhances staff morale and productivity, maximizes efficiencies, and saves time and money.

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myPerformance – Performance Appraisal Process Now Open!

The myPerformance performance appraisal process opened on Thursday, March 15 and will close on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

MyPerformance is an online performance appraisal tool through Halogen. All benefit-eligible staff employees will have a performance appraisal completed for the current fiscal year using this online system. The appraisal period is from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.  The process beings with a self-appraisal, followed by a supervisor and second level review, then employee/manager meetings to discuss the appraisals. The recommended deadline to submit the first step, the self-appraisal, is April 30th (please refer to your department timeline).


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