Annual Enrollment October 25th – November 5th

Annual Enrollment for faculty and staff is October 25 – November 5. As always, we hope you will take some time to get to know your plan options and make an informed decision about the coverage that will work best for you in 2022.

Tip 1:
Prepare for Annual Enrollment (Oct. 25 – Nov. 5) to make choices that support you and your family in the coming year. Visit for more information.

Tip 2:
Just like it is important to get your health checked annually, the same annual “benefit check-up” is important, too. Annual Enrollment for faculty and staff is Oct. 25 – Nov.5. Visit to learn more.

Tip 3:
Annual Enrollment for Active Employees is Oct. 25 – Nov. 5. Research the plan options that are right for you. Visit for more

If you have questions regarding Annual Enrollment, please contact the HR Service Center at 816-235-1621 or email