Room Reservation Form

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This form must be submitted at least 48 hours before the reservation.

This form must be completed for all residents and campus organizations wishing to use any of the facilities listed on the Forms page. Only residents and campus-affiliated organizations may use the programming space in Residential Life.

Shortly after submitting this form, you will receive information about whether you have been confirmed for the space requested or not. Please do not publicize your event until you have received confirmation.

All participants in the event must sign in at the front desk if your event is in one of the residence halls. Non-residents are not permitted to be in the residential areas unescorted. You may not let in participants through doors other than the front doors of the two residence halls. Quiet hours are Sunday through Thursday, 10 p.m. - 9 a.m.; Friday and Saturday, midnight to 11 a.m. After your event, please return the space to the condition in which you found it. Excessive cleaning and damage charges will be assessed to your organization if necessary.

Each of these spaces are in student residences. As such, any violation of Residential Life policies by organization participants may result in your organization not being permitted to reserve space in the hall for the remainder of the semester. Failure to comply with the directions of hall staff will result in your organization being asked to leave the building, and future reservation privileges will be restricted and/or denied.