Frequently Asked Questions – Room Assignment Process

UMKC Residential Life Assignment Process


Q: When did the housing contract become available?

A: Contracting opens on Dec 1st of each year.

Q: How is room type preference priority determined?

A: We make assignments based on the contract received date until rooms are filled (the date you submit and sign your contract). We have a limited number of high demand rooms such as singles and priority is given to those with the earliest contract submission date. Many high-demand spaces are requested soon after the contract becomes available.

Q: Will I receive the specific building or room-type I requested?

A: While we do our very best to try and meet each student’s preferences we are not always able to accommodate every request. Preference priority is determined by contract received date but is not a guarantee. Priority is given to those who submit their contract earliest, and we work through preferences with remaining spaces in each building throughout the year.

Q: I submitted my contract a while ago, when will I receive my room and roommate assignment?

A: We start taking contracts nine months before the start of the new academic year. Our assignment process begins to take shape after Online Roommate Selection ends (typically in March). As contracts come in and our current students move around and move out in May, we have a more accurate assessment of what space is available for the upcoming terms. Traditionally, we start to match students with their roommate requests and preferences in late April/early May with a goal of solidifying room assignments by mid to late May. We continue to make assignments on a rolling basis as we receive contracts through the later part of spring and summer.

Q: Can I live in Union Hill Apartments or UMKC Homes?

A: Union Hill Apartments and UMKC Homes are only eligible to current/returning residents on a first come first served basis by students who submitted the Living Preferences Survey received via UMKC email. Priority was then based of original contract received date. Space in these facilities is limited, and unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate every student’s request.

Q: I did not get the building or room-type I requested what can I do?

A: We will have waitlists available through the MyHousing Self Service Portal within a few weeks after room assignments are made. Once available, students can add themselves to any eligible waitlists that are viewable within MyHousing. Alternatively, students may elect to cancel their contract through the MyHousing Self Service Portal. Cancellations are subject to the cancellation fee schedule.

Q: What happens if I don’t receive a room assignment?

A: As we approach full capacity and make assignments some students may not initially receive a room assignment due to lack of available space. If this happens, students will be notified via email and given the option to be added to a waitlist or cancel without penalty. As space becomes available, we may automatically assign a student if they have not yet canceled. We receive cancellation requests throughout the year with requests increasing through summer, and it is likely space will eventually become available. In the meantime, we will work closely with students to keep them informed of their assignment status. Students will also be able to check their position on the waitlist in the MyHousing Self Service Portal.