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The Mahaffie Stagecoach Farmstead and an Intern: An Introduction of the Pair.

By Kathrine Miller

I have been interning with the historic Mahaffie Farm and StageCoach for a month now and have there have been many brand new experiences for me that I needed so badly that one can not seek thIMG_0791rough a book. All of the Mahaffie Staff and their regular volunteers are very knowledegable and have guided me towards fitting right into their program. So far, Katie, my immediate supervisor has blown me away with with providing me with tasks and projects that I probably will not be able to seek until later on in my career-but I am so thankful for this LIMITED opportunity that their staff has supplied me! Katie, Tim, Aleixis and of course Dr. Cantwell will be thanked properly later but now here comes the FUN stuff!! My very first day, I helped shear this guy!

The retelling of my journey with the Mahaffie folks starts now!! I will supply photos(when I can, gets a little dirty around there for chores and such), weekly links to what they’ve done or what could be doing (FYI Check this out #freefamilyfunnight on Thursday nights or for more info see www.mahaffie.org )