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Preparing to Make History


UMKC’s HistoryMakers meet with Dr. Cantwell in his office, preparing to make some history.

By  Matthew Reeves

People make history every day, but few get a chance to see the nuts and bolts of historical work behind the scenes. Our hope is that HistoryMakers will make these historical processes more transparent. As aspiring public historians, the students you find here at HistoryMakers (yours truly included) have set themselves on the path to wealth and fortune. Well, that is, if you consider knowledge wealth and a career in the humanities fortune.

This blog is the best way for you to come along on our journey. As interns, we’re by definition new to the tasks we will be assigned. We will share our experiences – be they exciting, confounding, or just curious – as we explore the places where history becomes public. The humanities are changing, technology makes knowledge more accessible than ever before, and the ways people come into contact with history are undergoing their own seismic shifts. Join us and discover firsthand how HistoryMakers are transforming history from a subject about something into compelling experiences for people.