The Map Room

By Chad King

Now that I have learned how to catalog and preserve a collection, I have now moved on to a new project that I find quite exciting! Next year celebrates the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the beginning of Truman’s presidency. In accordance to this, the Library has begun organizing the Truman Map Room collection and making the documents available to researchers online. The collection is extraordinary, since the Map Room documents were top secret and detailed sensitive communication between the Big Three (Truman, Churchill, and Stalin) during the end of the war. Correspondence included military details, secret arrangements for meetings, and sensitive diplomatic communications over Stalin’s dealings with Eastern Europe. Most of the documents have been scanned, and I have been given the responsibility to identify and name them, to better assist researchers who might be looking for a specific item in the collection. There is still much more work to do with the Map Room documents, and I look forward to providing additional updates soon

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