Trucking a Path

by Whitney Knowles

I soon start my internship with the American Truck Historical  Society, which seems overwhelming. Being a senior History major with a minor in Classics at UMKC, time seems to be something that I am lacking. I have to finish my senior project, come up with lesson plans for Supplemental Instruction and my own classes. By adding this internship, I am hoping to gain the skills to slowly climb the ladder in experience in the real world of History.

The American Truck Historical Society (or ATHS for short) is a small building with tons of information on both trucks and Semi-trucks. Not being from a “trucking” background I was worried that I would stick out like a sour grape, but meeting the crew at ATHS made me feel better about my lack of trucking history. It seemed to break the ice when I told them the closest connection I had to trucking was that my birthday is 10/4/good buddy, which mean in trucker speak, “all good”. That got them all laughing and sharing their own stories or trucker related tales.

The little ATHS building is going through a face lift at the moment since they have been reorganizing the system from the ground up. We are having a series of meeting with fellow ATHS broad members to figure out how to process the collections and share them with the public. I think that it will be very productive semester! I will report back on the new things to come!!

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