Truck Lovers Unite

By Whitney Knowles

Since the inches of snow and the ice, it has been hard to get in to the office. What I have been focusing on is the questions that come into the office about anything that could possibly be about trucks. It varies from a simple background search on a company to wanting to know the specific fact on a classic truck. I find it hard sometimes to give answers since I am not a wheels kind of gal and it leaves me looking through books trying to answer the question a member has asked me. something I think is cool is that the members are from all over the world. I was not aware how much people love their classic trucks. I answered a question about the White Truck Company for a man who lives in Iraq! Crazy that he would ask for truck info from little old Kansas City.

ATHS wants to update their Facebook and they gave the job to me. I have been racking my brain trying to think of what to post for them. I was thinking that I would post some cool facts about the start of the White Company since it first began as a sew machine company. Something that I was not aware of. I found a cool old picture of the first truck that they came out with and it looks cool. Going to take the night to think about it.

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