Almost done!

Hello all!

My last post I talked about how I am almost finished with entering the entire collection into the museum’s collections management software. I can safely say that next week that will finally be finished. It is a bit relieving finally getting this task accomplished. When I first came to the American Royal almost two years ago, I had no idea the amount of work that was needed. After my first couple of weeks I quickly knew that I could not complete the task within the ten weeks I was initially hired for. I was working off a Microsoft Access database that was created in 2003 and was horribly outdated and was missing over 400 entries. I decided the only way to accomplish this task thoroughly was to go through each file individually and to ignore the Access database. Now I have entered just over 500 artifacts and when I am finished it should be closer to 525.

When I am finished with this I will start writing the action plan and organizing the collections storage areas available to me now. The end of the semester is quickly approaching, but everything is finally coming together.

Thanks for reading!

Philip Bland

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  1. Amanda Scheetz

    Hello sir

    Thank you for doing that! I found a description of the collection that was transferred to UMKC from the American Royal and followed the bread crumbs. I’m a librarian at KCKPL and my grandmother, Lyn Perkins, was part owner of the Peterson Stables and a judge at American Appaloosa Association competitions. I look forward to accessing the materials you are so diligently caring for. We lost Granny in 2014 and an uncle last year. It would be outstanding to learn more about my family’s participation in the Royal! Well done and Thanks again!


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