“The Long Road”

By Kathrine Miller

IMG_0891During my time at the Mahaffie StageCoach and Farmstead I wanted to step back to reflect on what I’ve really accomplished among a group of local professional historians, volunteers, and other seasoned professions. I feel that I have risen to the challenge that was bestowed upon me and have worked side by side with the staff (with some costume malfunctions here and there I have to say!!) without hesitation or question. Yes, there have been many projects that which I’ve started and had no idea what I was doing- such as my adventure with the chicken butchering experience or cleaning wool from a sheared sheep.

However, I am holding nothing back and just going for journey that the classroom can never provide to a person. Other times it has seemed a bit overwhelming since being so new at a public history forum but the guests do appreciate the effort.  The big “Fourth of July Firework and Celebration” on site really exposed me to how and why Mahaffie ties itself to the holiday for recognition but I was not prepared for how many guests would visit and all the staff seemed extremely, extremely busy with guests entering and exiting. I have never seen so many guests on site before. For this event, I just wish I had been warned by other seasoned staff members but overall, for the station I was working, I made it work till the end.

I only have a few more weeks left at my internship and I will be working still on “Thursday Family Fun Night”, Saturday -continuing working in the collections dept and Sundays-rotation on -site to soak up as much knowledge that these great historians and volunteers have provided me.

And it is bittersweet. Yes, I am ready to return  to the classroom to finish my degree but I will forever be grateful to Mahaffie for the “Long Road” to success is near.

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