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On Land, In the Air

By Kelly Hangauer

Well, well, well…I have been working with Omeka for a couple weeks now and I am starting to get the hang of it. Omeka allows one to get as deep, or as surface-level, as they like, and with my lack of html skills, I am barely scratching the surface. This is okay though, because despite my lackluster skills, I am still able to create a pretty slick and user-friendly site. I have mostly been learning through online video tutorials, as well as good old-fashioned trial and error. I was pleased when I was able to utilize my dormant Photoshop skills in creating a homepage image. This is what I came up with.
What do you think? The picture is courtesy of Colin Gage, John B. Gage’s grandson, and the font was discovered online at one of the many free font junctions. It is called Urania Czech and transports one directly to the 1940s…I have realized that I did not need as many sound clips as I originally planned. I am using about 20 one-minute clips out of the 40 original ones I had created. It just made more sense, and I did not want to overwhelm you, my time-conscious cyberspace aficionado and Kansas City political history audio treasure hunter. Yes, I wanted to go light on you. I imagine the next time I post, I will have the site up and running. Cross your fingers! I have included an advertisement audio clip that I will not be using in the John B. Gage Omeka site, but that I get a kick out of. Modern Design! Enjoy!



Used by permission of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Libraries, Marr Sound Archives Department of Special Collections.

Textile Internship at the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farmstead

Textile Research and Construction Internship

Position Summary: The intern will gain experience researching, designing and constructing 19th textiles including household furnishings and clothing. Additionally, the intern may dress in period clothing and demonstrate the use of an 1860s treadle sewing machine, spinning wheel and/or floor loom.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Research 19th century textiles including but not limited to furniture slip covers, bed sheets, dresses and bonnets. The intern will have access to two collections of period textile objects, online resources and a library.
  2. Create reproduction items for use in the historic home.
  3. Interpret textile related activities to the public while dressed in period clothing.
  4. Assist in the maintenance and inventory of reproduction period clothing and 19th century textiles.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Education: Intern must possess a high school diploma or GED. Qualified applicants will know how to sew by hand and use a modern sewing machine. Pattern drafting experience helpful but not mandatory. Previous museum or historical research experience a plus.

Individual must possess the ability to work in a team atmosphere, have strong written and verbal communication skills.

Working Conditions: Intern will be provided with a textile construction workspace and access to the collections, library and a computer.

Essential Functions:

  1. Ability to read, comprehend and write clearly.
  2. Ability to represent the organization in a professional and positive manner.
  3. Ability to work at least 16 hours per week for at least 8 weeks.

To Apply: Send a letter of interest and resume to Katie Lange at