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By Kelly Hangauer

IMG_0081The first items that got digitized and handed back to me were two cassette tapes entitled “Recollections.” Recorded in the 1960s, “Recollections” consists of an elderly John Gage recalling his childhood and family life in Kansas City. Apparently read from a manuscript, Gage’s lawyer-like delivery conjures up scenes of Civil War era Kansas City and the lively development of the early metropolis. It was fascinating to hear about Colonel Thomas H. Swope, guerrilla warfare, and the wild celebrations that occurred upon the completion of the Missouri-Pacific railroad and the Hannibal Bridge connection. Here is an audio clip from the story Gage’s father told him about the completion of the Missouri-Pacific railroad.




Equipped with a laptop, notebook, and headphones, I have immersed myself in the fascinating stories of “Recollections.” The goal of the finding aid I am creating is to strike a balance between enough information and too much information. This balance will enable researchers, and anyone else who may be interested, to assess the importance of the audio without having to listen all the way through. In the meantime, Marr Archives will store the hard copies of the John B. Gage collection, while the digital archival copies will be stored in the larger Missouri University server.



Paid Summer Collections Intern at the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine

The Museum of Osteopathic Medicine and the International Center for Osteopathic History are dedicated to preserving the heritage of osteopathic medicine. Its mission is to “preserve and promote the history and tenets of osteopathy through collections and research to a global audience”. The collection of over 80,000 artifacts traces the roots of osteopathy, beginning with its founder, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, and his establishment of the first osteopathic medical school in Kirksville, Missouri to its growth into a worldwide profession.

Position Description:
Assist the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine’s Registrar with inventory and cataloging the institution’s collection. As necessary, the Collections Intern will support the Registrar with other collection management projects.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Enter accession and donor information for objects in the collection not already entered into the museum’s collections management software PastPerfect
  • Update old records already in PastPerfect
  • Correlate all items with correct paper and database files. If these files do not already exist, create said file
  • Ensure all objects are properly marked with old and new accession numbers
  • Digitally photograph or scan each object and add images to PastPerfect
  • Improve storage conditions where practical and note storage location for each object in PastPerfect

Position Details:
Duration/Hours: 24 weeks; 35 hours per week; Federal holidays and vacation days Pay: $6,000 stipend (before taxes) Start Date: May 18th, 2015 (flexible)

Position Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree or intended graduation with a focus in Museum Studies, History, or related field; Master’s degree preferred; strong attention to detail; ability to handle large workloads and meet deadlines; and ability to work well alone and in a group. Optional, but preferred: museum registration and/or inventory experience, as well as familiarity with PastPerfect collections management software.

Application Deadline: March 9th, 2015. Final selection will be made by April 3rd, 2015. 1

Application Details: Send hard or electronic copy of a cover letter and resume to: The Museum of Osteopathic Medicine Attn: Anna Mullen Museum of Osteopathic Medicine 800 West Jefferson Kirksville, MO 63501 Questions about the position may be directed to: