Faculty and staff at the University of Missouri-Kansas City have an independent, impartial, informal and confidential resource at their disposal. An ombudsperson offers a safe place for an off-the-record conversation about your work at UMKC.

Purpose of an ombudsperson

The mission of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Ombudpersons is to contribute to a fair and respectful work environment by providing independent, neutral, confidential and informal consultation to those who visit the ombudsperson. Each ombudsperson seeks to further UMKC’s mission and goals by supporting and encouraging an ethical, civil and respectful culture in which differences can be resolved through mutual understanding.

An ombudsperson is a particularly good place to start in resolving problems or issues if you want to remain confidential, or if you don’t know where to start. Services are available to all UMKC faculty and staff.

What to expect

Though each individual may have different questions or concerns to discuss, a meeting with an ombudsperson will follow this framework.

  1. The ombudsperson will explain the ombuds process and ask if you have any questions.
  2. The ombudsperson will listen to your story, ask clarifying questions and try to understand your concerns.
  3. The ombudsperson will help you clarify your goals and assist you in exploring a range of options and possible solutions.
  4. The ombudsperson will help you strategize next steps. They may also assist in other activities, as appropriate.

Most visits take an hour to an hour and a half. Many visitors opt to schedule another visit to explore other issues, or continue the conversation. It’s up to you how often, and how frequently you visit the ombudsperson.

Get in touch

In order to protect confidentiality, the Ombudsperson conducts business in person or over the phone. You may call or email the faculty or staff Ombudsperson; however, be aware that UMKC voicemail and email are not secure modes of communication.

Faculty and Staff Ombudsperson

Carla Noack


Additional resources and news available on the Faculty Ombudsperson website.