Create an Organization

Can’t find the organization you’re looking for? The Office of Student Involvement makes it easy for you to start your own organization and find your people!

Start a new organization

Before creating a new organization, we encourage you to check RooGroups to see if an organization already exists that may serve the same mission as the organization you wish to create. Once you determine that the type of organization you want to be a part of doesn’t currently exist at UMKC, there are a few steps you can take to start your own.

In order to register, you will need to log onto using your UMKC username and password.

The follow these steps:

  1. From the RooGroups home page click on Organizations
  2. On the Action Center select “Register an Organization” button
  3. Under Register New click the “Register a New Organization” button

New organization registration requirements

New student organization registration opens annually from August 1 to March 15. The form will be available starting August 1, 2021 via RooGroups. To prepare – please review the following Guidelines: 

To register as a new student organization you will need to:

  1. Upload a digital copy of your constitution and bylaws (PDF preferred). Please Note: All constitutions and bylaws MUST include the mandatory statements, outline in the UMKC Constitution Check-list for All New and Existing Student Organizations (PDF)
  2. The name and contact information for each member of your executive board (e.g. President, Vice President, Treasurer)
  3. All organizations must begin with ten current UMKC student members (this can include your executive board).   This will be verified through RooGroups and organizations must have these ten members listed on the “Roster” section of the organization’s RooGroups account.
  4. The name and contact information for your UMKC Faculty/Staff advisor. Your advisor will need to complete a Student Organization Advisor Agreement form verifying their agreement to serve as your organization’s advisor.  (One advisor must be a full-time UMKC Faculty/Staff member.) Please send this link to your advisor via e-mail: .  If your advisor is unable to access the RooGroups agreement email to request a hardcopy of the agreement.
  5. Upload your advisor’s completion of the Student Organization Advisor Form.
  6. The President, Advisor and Treasurer must complete the Student Organization Officer Training. To register for this course, follow this link,

The registration process is received and reviewed by the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Involvement.