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Involvement Consultants

Involvement Consultants are student leaders responsible for promoting campus involvement.

About Us

UMKC Involvement Consultants are student leaders responsible for promoting campus involvement. They accomplish this mission by facilitating one-on-one consultations and group presentations that help connect students to the incredible opportunities to get involved at UMKC. It is their job to help students find their “home” and help them develop connections to our Roo community.

More Information about the Involvement Consultant Position:

Basic Details

Position Title: Office of Student Involvement (OSI) Involvement Consultant

Duration: Spring Semester 2020, Summer Semester 2020, with ability to continue working for Office of Student Involvement during 2020-2021 Academic Year

Hours: 20 hours per week on average

Hourly Rate: $10.50

Reports to: Kim Kushner, Assistant Director of New Student and Family Programs,, 816-235-5579

Position Summary and Responsibilities

The Involvement Consultant serves as a part-time, non-work study undergraduate staff member in the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Office of Student Involvement (OSI). This position serves as an ambassador to positively represent the work of the office and the Division of Student Affairs. This position’s primary responsibilities include assisting UMKC students in identifying meaningful campus and community involvement opportunities through individual consultations, group presentations and workshops, event planning and implementation, and more. Involvement Consultants are responsible for exposing students to co-curricular opportunities (outside of classroom activities), supporting student personal, academic, and professional growth.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitate presentations on Office of Student Involvement (OSI) for classes, campus organizations, and/or other groups
  • Implement individual consultations for UMKC students seeking opportunities for involvement on campus
  • Represent OSI at campus-wide involvement and recruitment events, including campus resource/organization fairs, student leadership trainings, and Admissions events
  • Establish relationships with student leaders, faculty, staff, and university departments to remain aware of the different involvement opportunities available for students
  • Utilize RooGroups as a platform for student involvement and remain proficient in navigating site features
  • Support OSI’s role in First-Semester Experience (FSE) course, including event management, administrative logistics, and tracking
  • Assist with other OSI programming and outreach initiatives, as requested by staff and graduate students (ex. Week of Welcome, Late Night Breakfast)
  • Attend and participate fully in all trainings, retreats, staff meetings, and office hours
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor(s)

Position Important Dates

Please note that dates and/or responsibilities may change throughout time of employment, and other duties as assigned may arise. Dates include, but may not be limited to:

  • Starting Monday, March 30: up to 20 office hours weekly
  • TBD date sometime Monday, March 30-Saturday, April 4: Involvement Consultant Welcome and Retreat
  • TBD: weekly Involvement Consultant meeting/training (will continue throughout time of employment)

The dates below indicate important events we hope to have Involvement Consultants assist with. These will be determined once these positions are hired:

  • Friday, April 3: Experience UMKC
  • Friday, April 17: Student Organization Conference
  • Saturday, April 18: Office of Admissions Preview Day, Greek Day of Service
  • Friday, April 24: Office of Admissions Preview Day
  • Wednesday, May 6: Lavender Graduation
  • Thursday, May 7: Late Night Breakfast
  • Monday, June 1: Summer Orientation
  • Tuesday, June 2: Summer Orientation
  • Tuesday, June 9: Summer Orientation
  • Wednesday, June 10: Summer Orientation
  • Friday, June 12: Summer Orientation
  • Saturday, June 13: Summer Orientation
  • Tuesday, June 16: Summer Orientation
  • Friday, June 19: Summer Orientation
  • Saturday, June 20: Summer Orientation
  • Tuesday, June 23: Summer Orientation
  • Friday, June 26: Summer Orientation
  • Saturday, June 27: Summer Orientation
  • Friday, July 17: Summer Orientation
  • Monday, August 17: Summer Orientation
  • Friday, August 21: Week of Welcome Activities
  • Saturday, August 22: Week of Welcome Activities
  • Sunday, August 23: Week of Welcome Activities

Qualifications and Preferred Skills


  • Must be a current, full-time UMKC undergraduate student enrolled in classes Spring 2020 Semester, and planning to enroll full-time in classes Fall 2020 Semester.
  • Must be able to work a flexible part-time schedule, including early mornings, evenings, weekends, and weekday hours.
  • Must have a 2.50 or higher cumulative UMKC undergraduate GPA as of date of hire and continuing during time of employment. This status will be verified prior to hire and during time of employment.
  • Must be in good standing with UMKC and not on academic or disciplinary probation as of date of hire and during time of employment. This status will be verified prior to hire and during time of employment.
  • Must live in Kansas City Metro area during duration of employment.

Preferred Skills:

  • Pride in and enthusiasm towards the UMKC experience.
  • Ability to understand and support Office of Student Involvement and Division of Student Affairs goals/philosophies.
  • Ability to serve as a mentor and role model, demonstrating good judgment and ethical behavior.
  • Ability to establish rapport with peers, students, families, faculty, staff, and campus partners, demonstrating exceptional customer service skills and respect for others’ rights, feelings, lifestyles, and backgrounds.
  • Ability to show an awareness of and sensitivity towards issues of diversity and inclusivity.
  • Ability to demonstrate strong verbal, written, and email communication and strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to exhibit reliability, responsibility, punctuality, and dedication to positional responsibilities.
  • Ability to work within a changing environment, adapting to and learning from new situations and personality types.

Selections Timeline

Selections Timeline:

  • Application Priority Deadline: Sunday, March 1 by 11:59 p.m. CT (application will remain open until positions are filled)
  • Individual Interviews: rolling, scheduled once application is submitted
  • Start Date: The week of March 30, 2020

If you are selected and accept the terms of employment, you will sign a contract confirming your commitment to the training, work schedule, and positional expectations.