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Peer Education & Support

LGBTQIA Programs & Services offers several opportunities for students to offer and receive support and education to and from their peers.

Speaker’s Bureaus

Speaker’s Bureaus are panels requested by faculty, staff, or student organizations. The panels seek to increase understanding and awareness of LGBTQIA+ student experiences by providing student panels to University classrooms and student organization meetings. Panels consist of 2-4 students who will explain some terminology, give campus resources, share their personal narratives, and facilitate a Q&A.

Request a Panel

Faculty, staff, and student organization leaders can request a panel using the following form.

Request a Panel

Become a Panelist

Panelists are required to attend a training before sitting on panels. This training will occur at the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester. There is no minimum amount of panels that panelists will have to facilitate to be eligible.

Application for Panelists will open soon.

LGBTQIA Mentor Program

The LGBTQIA Mentor Program pairs LGBTQIA+ graduate/professional students with other LGBTQIA+ students at UMKC. Mentors will offer support around identity development, academics, coming out, and/or campus and community engagement. Mentoring relationships are active during the academic year (August to May).

After applying for the program, both mentors and mentees will meet with the coordinator for a brief intake interview to help with pairing. Matches will be made based on similar identities, experiences, and interests.

Become a Mentee

Mentees are UMKC students who are seeking someone to talk one-on-one with regarding identity development, academics, coming out, and/or campus and community engagement. Mentees can sign up now, but pairing will not begin until Spring 2020.

Become a Mentee

Become a Mentor

Mentors are UMKC graduate or professional students who would like to mentor another LGBTQIA+ student. Mentoring might include conversations around identity development, academics, coming out, and/or campus and community engagement. Mentors will be required to attend an annual training, 1-hour monthly meetings with the coordinator, and at least two 1-hour meetings with their mentee.

Become a Mentor

Discussion Groups

The purpose of Discussion Groups will be to give UMKC students a space to explore their identities and interests. Many of the potential groups are based on identities and thus will be considered identity-alike spaces. This means they are closed spaces unless you hold or are questioning an identity within the respective group.

If you have interest in participating in (must be a UMKC student) or facilitating (must be a UMKC faculty, staff, or graduate/professional student), please take the interest survey below.

Show Interest in Discussion Groups