Basic Needs

Here are some great resources for UMKC Students. Below we list a variety of resources for food assistance, housing assistance and financial literacy.

Food Assistance

Food Assistance

Food insecurity is defined as the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.  There are resources at UMKC and in the community to support you if you are food insecure.

  1. Kangaroo Food Pantry – UMKC’s Food Pantry
  2. Meal Swipes – UMKC has collaborated with Sodexo Campus Services to offer a meal donation program in support of the UMKC students. The program allows students with either a block or commuter meal plan to donate up to ten meal swipes per semester to fellow students.
  3. Dining Plans – UMKC has multiple meal plans available to students who live on-campus, students who are commuters, and faculty and staff.
  4. Food Immediately AvailableHarvesters is the Food Bank for the greater Kansas City area. They provide food to their network of member agencies who in turn provide help to individuals and families at risk of hunger throughout the community. They have a tool, searchable by zip code, that provides a list of pantries, mobile distributions and locations that serve on-site meals. Kids Café, a program of Harvesters, provides after school meals for children ages 1-18 at some branches (during pandemic and summer, hours and locations vary). The program is offered at the library’s Southeast, Trails West, Waldo, and L.H. Bluford branches.
  5. SNAP Assistance – SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is a government funded program providing money to qualified persons to purchase food.
  6. Healthy Recipes – A link to healthy and easy to make dishes.

Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance

Sometimes students need housing, either temporary or permanent.  Housing insecurity can range from “couch surfing” at a friend’s place to living on the streets.

  1. Emergency Shelters – A directory of nearby shelters.
  2. Rent Assistance – A directory of resources that can assist with rent.
  3. Resources for Finding Apartments – A website for locating apartments in Kansas City, Missouri.
  4. Other Resources – Additional resources provided by United Way.

Financial Literacy

Financial Resources

Money plays a critical role in our lives, and not having enough of it impacts health as well as academic performance.

  1. Emergency Aid – UMKC Emergency Resources
  2. On-Campus Employment Opportunities – UMKC Career Services
  3. Other Financial Resources – A United States government resource to assist with paying bills.
  4. Financial Wellness Center: Our Financial Wellness can assist students with budgeting, navigating FAFSA and a wide range of other financial topics.

For those needing assistance in applying for SNAP or general questions about navigating resources, please contact our Basic Needs Coordinator by email at or set up an appointment here: Schedule a meeting with me to discuss in-person or virtually.