IMP Ensemble Presents

Sound Made Matter

Directed by Michael Miller

Thursday March 7, 7:30PM

UMKC Gallery of Art


Please join UMKC’s IMP ensemble at the UMKC Gallery of Art, Thursday, March 7th, for our sonic interpretations of the current exhibition, Matter Matters. While the artists experiment with familiar materials, IMP ensemble will experiment with familiar sounds and melodies, recontextualizing them within the gallery. The ensemble will also respond in real-time to the artworks and the audience — mimicking the artist’s goals of capturing human connections to the materials within their works.

Under the direction of Michael Miller, UMKC’s IMP Ensemble explores improvisation in the broadest definition, where listening and responding become a way of real-time creation. IMP is a think-tank of people willing to risk and fail quickly, so a show can go on, using any new individual media to explore the boundaries of the medium and improvisation.

Exhibition Information: UMKC Gallery of Art presents Matter Matters, a powerful new exhibition exploring materiality in the work of four artists. Karolina Gnatowski, Dan Gunn, Alex Lockwood, Noël Morical use many variations of everyday materials from bottle caps to plywood to express rather than consume by shifting material conditions from utility to aesthetics and symbolic meaning. Materialism is a defining attribute of humanness. These four artists explore human connections to materials by using consumables to invent new forms celebrating and re-interpreting materiality in our daily lives.

Participating Musicians: Austin Engelhardt, Guitar; Jacob Frisbie, Electronics; Ronnie Lawrence, Bass Guitar; Jacob Mosher, Keyboard; Lanxinzi Pan, Guzheng; Felicity Freeling, Cello; Lorenzo Gatapia, Trumpet; Ben Heschmeyer, Electronics; Ryan Porcu, Euphonium; Miquel Silva-Leon, Guitar