Shamus Clisset | Mr. Realistic

Chris Kienke | Hotrods & Handguns

Thursday, November 10 – Friday, December 9

Opening Reception: Thursday March 16, 5—7PM
Free Parking in the Cherry St. garage, levels 5 & 6

Artist Reception for Chris Kienke on Friday, April 7, 4-6pm

Shamus Clisset (aka FakeShamus) is a New York based artist working with 3D media, including modeling, rendering, and animation. His pictures reflect a mash-up of pop culture imagery, frontier iconography, objects and environments culled from American suburbia, and his own personal history and obsessions. Themes of violence, manifest destiny, and the contemporary wasteland are all refracted through the prism of digital culture.

Hotrods and Handguns co-opts the shiny veneer of American patriotism and Hollywood action films: the flag, fireworks, stars and stripes, red, white and blue, explosions, hot rods and handguns in a very literal manner. The “over the top” nature of this Hotrods and Handguns project is both a celebration of this great nation and a critique of nationalistic attitudes about patriotism, which influences current debates ranging from ideas about freedom and citizenship to how we as a society respond to gun violence.

*Images shown Above:  Bang Bang (detail), 2015 and Manifest Destinaut (detail) 2010


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