Layers of Time: Longview Farm Memories

Ron Anderson – MA Thesis Show

Opening Reception: Thursday November 10, 2016, 5—7PM
Free Parking in the Cherry St. garage, levels 5 & 6

Exhibition: Thursday, November 10 – Friday, December 9

Layers of Time: Longview Farm Memories is a photographic exhibition immersed in the concept of time, as it exists in layers rather than a linear progression.

Taking as its subject, Longview Farm was built in 1914 by Kansas City lumber baron R.A. Long, and was called “The World’s Most Beautiful Farm.”

By blending historic and contemporary photos, through the use of various printing techniques, Ron Anderson is able to bridge past and present, resurrecting the aura of this significant Kansas City landmark.

Ron Anderson, Longview Farm Office Safe, 2016
Ron Anderson_TV_FA
Ron Anderson, Longview Farm Office Building, 1916 and 2016


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