Andy Julo: Trip the Light Fantastic

Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 7, 5-7pm
Free Parking in the Cherry St. garage, levels 5 & 6

Exhibition Dates:
April 4 – April 22, 2016

Trip the Light Fantastic offers images that oscillate between realms of presence and absence, night and day, belief and unbelief, sacred and profane. Julo’s work weaves together the symbolic content, codes, ritual and multi-sensorial dramas of Roman Catholicism with contemporary cultural themes. This multimedia exhibition features a range of works that explore how objects are created or selected, imbued with meaning, and ultimately inform our perceptions. The collapsing of both organic and synthetic forms creates a realm for viewers to expand their own definitions of sacred space, time and movement.

Research for Trip the Light Fantastic was funded in part by the UMKC School of Graduate Studies Grant Program.

Andy Julo, Piviale Dorato
Andy Julo, Light from Light, Digital Photograph,plaster, Honey Locust thorns, silk flowers, and enamel, 2015
Andy Julo, PAX, Cyanotype, 2016 Palm and Cellophane Triptych, Cyanotype, 2015-2016


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