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Distinguished Professorship


  • The special designation of UMKC Distinguished Professor is to honor a non- tenure track faculty member for extraordinary achievements during a career OR for those who have received special distinction from a national or international award (e.g. Pulitzer, Nobel, MacArthur Foundation, National Medal of Science, etc.).  This special designation is designed to recognize very unique achievements and should be used on rare occasions.


  • Extraordinary scholarly, scientific, artistic, professional, or entrepreneurial achievements that would merit the unique recognition of being one of a select few UMKC Distinguished Professors.
  • Full-time NTT faculty members (as defined in section 310.035 of the UM CR&R*) are eligible for this special designation who have demonstrated outstanding scholarly, scientific, artistic, and/or entrepreneurial achievements. This special distinction would be unique.


  1. Dean writes letter of recommendation to Provost containing evidence of extraordinary conditions meriting such an award.
  2. A small committee of UMKC professors, including at least one UMKC faculty senate member, appointed by the provost, would review the candidate nominated for such special recognition and make a recommendation to the Provost.
  3. If approved by the faculty committee and the Provost, the Provost informs the candidate via letter identifying the effective date, specific title, terms and meriting qualifications of the new title of distinction.


  • Distinguished title designation for duration of active UMKC employment.
  • Any other benefits associated with the Distinguished Title designation (if applicable) will be made to the candidate in writing by, and at the discretion of, the Dean and the Provost.


Approved by UM Interim President Stephen Owens February 6, 2012