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Annual Renewal of Olson Professorships, Up to 3 years max

Once accepted into the Olson Professorship Program, an Olson Professor does not need to reapply to the program.

Each Olson Professorship may be renewed for a period not to exceed three years from the initial Olson Professorship employment start date, regardless of continuous or intermittent employment status throughout that three year period.

Renewal of an Olson Professorship requires that the Department demonstrate a continued need for the services, continued funding availability, and a positive performance evaluation of the Olson Professor.  The performance evaluation is performed by the Chair either following the completion of  fall semester duties (if not employed during Spring semester), or with the other faculty evaluations prior to May 1.

If the evaluation is positive and the Chair demonstrates a continuing need and funding available to cover the services of the Olson Professor, then the Chair requests the Dean renew the Olson Professorship.  The Dean will provide the Olson Professor with a new offer letter  following approval by the Provost Office.

The Olson Professorship ends three years after the Olson Professorship initial employment start date, regardless of performance, funding, or continued need.  Extensions to an Olson Professorship beyond the three year limitation will not be granted.