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Olson Professorship Program

James C. Olson

The James C. Olson Professorship Program is designed to provide an opportunity to honor selected senior members of the University of Missouri  faculty by providing them with a named professorship with the following terms and conditions in exchange for their willingness to voluntarily relinquish tenure and retire from the University. These professorships allow the University to retain the important experience and contributions of these valued faculty colleagues while enabling them to reduce the level of their responsibilities. These special appointments and assignments for a specified term after retirement provide important contributions to the University while helping retiring faculty evolve into their new roles.

James C. Olson Professors contribute to the University’s mission and are approved by their unit’s faculty.  Appointments and individual agreements are negotiated with the applicable Department Chair and Dean and final appointments are made by the Provost.

Olson Professors will:

  • be aged 62 or higher as of their retirement effective date
  • have e-mail, phone and computer support
  • have access to parking, library and athletics commensurate with regular faculty
  • be eligible for travel funds at the discretion of the applicable Dean
  • receive office space as appropriate to the Olson Professorship assignment
  • receive compensation as negotiated with the applicable Dean
  • earn no more annually than 25% of the appointee’s final academic year salary

Olson Professorship appointments may be renewed up to three years beyond the retirement effective date at the discretion of the University.   Decisions on the term will be based on the needs of the Department, Division, School or College and the annual evaluation of the Olson Professor.  Those accepted into the James C. Olson Professorship Program must demonstrate excellence in the area of teaching or in the area of assigned duties.  Click here to review procedures for renewing the Olson Professorship following the close of each contract period, not to exceed three years of employment in the program.

Olson Application Process (revised)

Olson Professorship Application Form (revised 08oct13)

All application materials can be sent electronically to Chris Popoola in Faculty Affairs.

Olson Professorship Agreement (Provost will issue  this document to faculty member upon approval of Olson Professorship)

OFFER TEMPLATE Olson Professorship (Dean will use this document to draft the offer letter following Provost approval)

James C. Olson served as UMKC Chancellor from 1968-1976, and  UM System President from 1977-1984.  Click here to read a biographical sketch of James C. Olson and review his speeches and other related materials.