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Report of Accomplishment for Research, Development, and Sabbatical Leaves

All Research,Development, and Sabbatical Professional Leaves require the employee to submit a written Report of Accomplishment to the Provost Office within 45 days of the leave period end date.

There’s no form or format to the Leave Report of Accomplishments, other than it is a summary report that should reference the faculty member’s name, title, department & unit, leave period and type,  and compare the original purpose of the leave to the actual leave accomplishments, explaining any variances from the original leave plan.  Highlight any benefits to yourself and the university resulting from the work accomplished during the leave period.

Leave reports can be beneficial in demonstrating the productivity and value of the Research, Development, or Sabbatical Leave benefit to our faculty, departments, academic units, the university, and our community.

Additional information on the various types and guidelines related to Faculty Leaves can be found on the Faculty Affairs website at:

Please send Research and Development Leave Reports of Accomplishment via email to Chris Popoola.