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FMLA for Faculty and Other Academic Employees

The Faculty Leave Policy CRR 340.070, Section B.2. indicates that only specific FMLA-qualified academic titles (see titles listed below) may receive up to 2 paid FMLA leaves in a 6-year period; FMLA leave for all other qualified academic titles is unpaid, regardless of benefit-eligibility status or length of service.  The title drives whether or not an approved FMLA leave is paid or unpaid, and paid leaves for qualified titles are limited to two in a six-year period.  FMLA law provides for up to 12 weeks of FMLA-protected leave in a 12-month period, but does not guarantee pay for that period; the employer determines who will or will not qualify for paid FMLA leave (see policy link above to review the UM System policy relative to faculty/academic employee leaves).

The academic titles which qualify for up to 2 paid FMLA leaves in a six year period are:

Tenure/Tenure-Track Titles

  • 1700 Assistant Professor
  • 0930 Associate Professor
  • 7160 Professor

(NTT) Non-Tenure-Track Titles

  • 7144 Teaching Assistant Professor
  • 7130 Teaching Associate Professor
  • 7142 Teaching Professor
  • 7677 Research Assistant Professor
  • 7677 Research Associate Professor
  • 7690 Research Professor
  • 2800 Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 2790 Clinical Associate Professor
  • 2830 Clinical Professor
  • 5822 Librarian I
  • 5823 Librarian II
  • 5824 Librarian III
  • 5825 Librarian IV

Exception:  Any academic employee who is officially accruing leave in PeopleSoft is eligible for paid FMLA leave until their accrual balances run out, just like an administrative employee.

FMLA leave will be unpaid for all academic titles not identified above

Furthermore, an approved Request for Leave of Absence Form UM108 must accompany all academic leave of absence PAFs, including FMLA-related leaves.  The 90-day advance requirement is waived for approved FMLA and medical leaves.  Please attach the following documents to the UM108 Request for Leave of Absence form for all FMLA leaves and send electronically to Christine Popoola.

  • Request for Leave of Absence Form UM108
  • FMLA Eligibility Letter (from HR)
  • Letter from Dean acknowledging the leave and indicating how the job duties will be covered while the employee is on leave

If you have questions regarding academic FMLA leaves, please contact Chris Popoola ( ext. 2721) or Dr. Diane Filion ( ext. 1249).