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Conflict Resolution

UMKC offers several resources available to academic employees for the purpose of assisting in conflict resolution.Please refer to the services below to determine which might best serve your needs.  If you require additional information or need assistance not covered by any of the options below, please contact the UMKC Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Diane Filion ( 816-235-1249) or UMKC Faculty Affairs Specialist Chris Popoola ( 816-235-2721).

UMKC Mediation Services

(Available to all UMKC employees)

Faculty and Staff who are experiencing conflict have access to an informal, voluntary process where they can work with a trained, neutral person in a confidential environment to

  • open lines of communication
  • clarify issues and interests
  • seek solutions that meet their respective needs
  • resolve their differences, and
  • enhance their working relationship

Mediation is a confidential conversation that occurs among the participants and the mediator.  The purpose of confidentiality is to encourage full sharing of information and creativity in generating options, without concern that ideas or remarks will later be used against participants, and to increase the likelihood of resolution.  The mediator will not discuss what is said unless a participant believes she/he has been subjected to sexual harassment; discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, national origin, Vietnam-era veteran status, age, or disability (that information will be reported to the UMKC Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Office AA/EEO); or if there is an expressed intent to commit physical harm to another.

To inquire about UMKC Campus Mediation Services, contact Mary Kay Kisthardt ( or 816-235-2373) or visit their website at:

UMKC Faculty Ombudsperson

(Available only to UMKC faculty)

The mission of the Office of Faculty Ombudsperson is to contribute to a fair, equitable, and respectful work environment by providing independent, neutral, confidential, and informal consultation to faculty who visit the Ombudsperson.

The Ombudsperson

  • acts as a neutral agent in faculty disputes
  • assists in resolving concerns or problems related to faculty academic rights, responsibilities, and the working environment
  • seeks to secure expeditious and impartial resolution
  • can only act informally; formal actions are under the purview of other departments

When you meet with the ombudsperson, the ombudsperson will

  • explain their role
  • listen to your story, ask clarifying questions, and try to understand your concerns
  • help you clarify goals
  • assist you in exploring a range of options and possible solutions
  • help you strategize your next steps
  • assist in other activities, as appropriate

To make an appointment with the ombudsperson, please contact UMKC Ombudsperson Nancy E. Day at any of the options below:

 UMKC Counseling and Disability Services

(Available to all UMKC employees)

The UMKC Counseling Center offers a wide variety of services, including but not limited to individual and couples counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, assessment, medication, alcohol and substance abuse prevention, outreach, and a variety of self-help resources.

UMKC faculty and staff are eligible for a free individual or couples intake session to discuss their concerns and to help determine an appropriate next step for treatment. This could include a referral to a therapist or other resources in the community or additional therapy sessions at the Counseling Center.  There is a charge of $20 per therapy session after the initial intake appointment, payable by cash or check. Faculty and staff with United Health Care have access to mental health services.  The Counseling Center does not accept insurance.

UMKC Counseling Center contact information:

Academic Grievances

(Available only to academic employees)

If you feel you have been harmed by a violation of written university policy or procedure, review the information on the Academic Grievance website to determine if you should file a formal academic grievance.  Contact the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Diane Filion ( for additional information.