WELCOME to MOSAIC Newsletter

Welcome to MOSAIC Newsletter

by Dr. Susan B. Wilson, Vice Chancellor
UMKC Division of Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the first edition of MOSAIC, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter! We hope that MOSAIC will be another way that our UMKC community can gain knowledge and information about diversity and inclusion. It will be a one-stop place to learn about diversity programs, trainings and events. We also want to promote the idea that diversity and inclusion means everyone, not just certain groups. We would love your feedback about articles and information you would like to see.

The Division of Diversity an Inclusion has been busy this fall. We completed the 2017 Inclusive Excellence plan—a campus-wide plan to continue our progress in diversity and inclusion.  The plan is based on the Inclusive Excellence (IE) Model [i]We want to thank all of our campus partners for assisting us in this process.

What is inclusive excellence? Inclusive Excellence is a framework that is a comprehensive and well-coordinated set of strategies that promote greater diversity, equity, inclusion, across the entire campus. A comprehensive IE framework helps us avoid an ineffective disconnected and “piecemeal” approach to diversity and Inclusion. The five pillars of the UMKC inclusive excellence plan include Access and Success, Climate and Intergroup Relations, Education and Scholarship, Institutional Infrastructure and Engagement with the Urban Community. We will be using this blueprint to guide the next phase of our work in engaging the entire campus in diversity and inclusion.

As Stephen Covey said “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”. We invite you to get involved with the campus-wide Diversity and Inclusion opportunities to broaden you horizon and learn new perspectives.


[i] Making Diversity Work on Campus:  A Research-Based Perspective, Achieving Equitable Educational Outcomes with All Students:  The Institution’s Roles and Responsibilities, and Toward a Model of Inclusive Excellence and Change in Postsecondary Institutions.