LGBTQIA Faculty/Staff Association

Meet the Executive Board

President: Stefanie Gandy Jones

I am a queer woman, I work in UMKC Libraries (I am an information/research/history/music/arts/cinema/museums nerd), and I’m passionate about social justice and respectful culture issues in general, let alone LGBTQIA issues of respect, inclusion, equality, equity, not stereotyping/labeling, etc.  I am excited for this new UMKC affinity group and am happy to be involved in any capacity.
My BA from UMKC was in American Studies, which included classes on the different American cultures/religions, American history and sociology (including Women’s/Gender/Feminist Theory courses), the history of American arts/music/literature/politics/cinema, American archives, etc.  These subjects and classes, at the time, were very intriguing and fascinating to me, and over time these subjects have grown to be among my main interests and passions in life.  As a person who respects history, believes in learning from history and believes that collaboration is necessary in life and work, I will look at other national affinity groups (especially LGBTQIA) for guidance, best practices, and collaborate with all who can help us to grow this UMKC affinity group into a respected, effective, progressive, goal-focused group that aids in helping UMKC to become a healthier, more inclusive organization.  Plus, I think that we should all grow as individuals and have some fun along the way !

Treasurer: Julie Kohlhart

Julie Kohlhart, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and the director of Community Counseling and Assessment Services (CCAS). CCAS is a community counseling center and a counselor and psychologist training clinic in the Division of Counseling and Educational Psychology in the School of Education at UMKC. Julie is the administrator of the clinic, teaches counseling and assessment courses, provides clinical assessments, and supervises students’ clinical work.

Julie has a special interest in LGBTQIA issues and populations within her professional work and personal life, and she is happy to assist as the treasurer of the UMKC LGBTQIA Affinity group.  Julie has past experience as the treasurer of her graduate school professional group, and she currently manages the purchasing and budget needs as the director of the counseling clinic. She plans to help manage and track the allotted budget in the service of growing and benefiting the LGBTQIA Affinity group.


Secretary: Jennifer Santee

Jennifer is a Clinical Associate Professor at UMKC’s School of Pharmacy and a clinical pharmacist at Truman Medical Center – Lakewood.  She is the chair of the School of Pharmacy’s Taskforce on Diversity, chair of UMKC’s Diversity Dialogues Advisory Board, co-chair of the Hospital Hill Diversity Council, member of Truman Medical Center’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’s (AACP) Health Disparities and Cultural Competence Special Interest Group, and member of the AACP’s Minority Faculty Special Interest Group.  Jennifer received the UMKC Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Diversity in 2016.

Jennifer is excited to share ideas with the rest of the LGBTQIA Faculty and Staff Affinity Group and chart the continued growth of this group as secretary.


School of Dentistry Liaison: Janette Martinez

I am Janette Martinez. I have been at the School of Dentistry for about three years. I work in the Department of Oral Radiology. I have a bachelor’s degree in Personnel Management from UMKC. I am a licensed practical nurse(LPN), have a ham radio General Class license (KE0GVL) and am trained from the National Weather Service as  a Weather Spotter. I volunteer with the Raytown CERT (Citizen’s emergency Response Team). I did volunteer at KC Pet Project and won the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award, a national honor.

We should all be strong, be proud, be brave and laugh. Fly those rainbow colors!


School of Graduate Studies Liaison: Michelle Heiman

I’m prepared to attend and participate in all scheduled meetings and activities/events. I also send a weekly email to all graduate students during the active semester, so I can easily keep our graduate students (and graduate/doctoral faculty) updated on this group’s initiatives and events as necessary. Mentorship and advocacy of LGBTQIA students is already a priority of mine, so adding faculty/staff to that list feels like the best next step in my role as an ally. I’m very glad this Affinity Group has been formed, and look forward to helping create lasting efforts to reward, recognize and have adequate representation from LGBTQIA faculty and staff.


School of Medicine Liaison: Molly Uhlenhake

My name is Molly Uhlenhake.  I am an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics here at UMKC.  I am also a Docent at the medical school.  I have worked as a primary care physician in my position at Truman Medical Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital for 5 years.  I am the Medical Director for Community Outreach at Truman Medical Center.  I am involved in several committees at the medical school including the Council of Selections and the scholarship council.  My academic interests include LGBT plus primary care, Adolescent Medicine, patient advocacy, underserved populations including immigrant and refugee patients, and teaching cultural awareness.  I would be honored to be the Medical school Liasion for the LGBTQIA FSA Group.  It is fantastic that a Faculty Staff Affinity Group now exists and I am eager to build its presence on Hospital Hill in addition to the main campus in support of LGBT plus faculty and staff members.