Association for Women of Color


Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to:

  • Advance professional growth and development for women of color at UMKC.
  • Address issues unique to women of color at UMKC.
  • Take an active leadership role in encouraging, mentoring and developing women of color.
  • Create and award financial assistance to women of color for scholarship and professional development.


To further these goals, the UMKC Association for Women of Color shall initiate its own activities and shall cooperate with other supportive organizations in fostering existing activities that will be helpful to the growth of a great urban university.


We have reached our desired state when:

Women of color are visibly rewarded, recognized, represented and have proportionate leadership within UMKC at every level.

Mentorship and advocacy for women of color are standard practices that are utilized by the entire UMKC organization.

Meet Your Executive Board

  • Interim President: Virginia D. Evans
  • Interim Vice President: vacant
  • Secretary: Amy Loughman
  • Treasurer: Yvonne Hood
  • Historian: vacant
  • Program Chair: vacant
  • Membership Chair: vacant


  •  15th Annual Women of Color Leadership Conference:  High School Collegiate Connection Day – March 5th, 2020 – 8:15am – 3pm
  •  15th Annual Women of Color Leadership Conference – June 5th, 2020 – 8am to 3pm

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