Anti Racism White Allies and Advocates Affinity Group

Our Mission

Help UMKC support Strategic Pillar 4, which is “to foster an environment of
invigorating multiculturalism, globalism, diversity and inclusion,” to respond to the needs of
and inequities faced by students, faculty, and staff of color by disrupting racism in ourselves,
institutionally at UMKC, and in our communities; to develop racial literacy and interrogate the
ways that white identity impacts our communities; and to work in alliance with an advisory
board comprised of faculty, staff, and organizations of color such as Division of Diversity and
Inclusion, Multicultural Student Affairs, Association for Women of Color and other stakeholders.


When all minoritized students, faculty, and staff will feel a sense of belonging, have
equitable access to opportunities, leadership, and representation and equitable salary; when
students have graduation and retention rates comparable to white counterparts, and education
is just, we will consider our work done.


  1. To begin from a place of vulnerability and risk-taking, we aim to develop racial literacy and to
    build support for antiracist reflection, growth, and action.
  2. Identify, deconstruct and disrupt structural racism in our institution and communities and
    seek to change both policy as well as culture.
  3. Increase critical consciousness/knowledge of whiteness and racism.
  4. Develop and apply the practical skills needed to take risks and to dismantle racism
    institutionally and individually.
  5. Promote outreach efforts to broaden the group membership.
  6. Empower organizations and people of color; be in service to POC and to be responsive to


  • President: Lori Sexton
  • Vice President: Adriana Paez
  • Secretary: Alicen Lundberg
  • Parliamentarian:  Michelle Smirnova
  • Affinity Group Email: