Affinity Groups (Employee Resource Groups)

Interest and Affinity Groups are self-organized groups of UMKC staff where its members hold common interests. The purpose of Interest and Affinity Groups is threefold: to support…


  1. Professional development for its members
  2. Community engagement and outreach
  3. UMKC’s goals and objectives (e.g. the recruitment and retention of underserved students, faculty, and staff).


How are Affinity Groups formed?
Please read the Affinity Group Guidelines document here.

How do Affinity Groups receive funding?
Please read section III in the Affinity Group Guidelines document here.

What are the current Affinity Groups on campus?

Association for Women of Color

  • Interim President: Dea Evans –
  • Secretary: Amy Loughman
  • Treasurer: Yvonne Hood –
  • Interim VP: Vacant
  • email:

LGBTQIA+ Faculty/Staff Association


Mi Gente! For and With Latinxs

  • Co-President: Sandra Enriquez –
  • Co-President: Rachel McCommon –
  •  Secretary:  Yvonne Hood –
  •  Social Chair – Ivan Ramirez –

Mission Statement – Our mission is to support personal and professional growth and development for its members; Promote outreach efforts and encourage mentorship for Latinx employees at UMKC; Create a safe space to address issues unique to Latinxs at UMKC and the broader community; Work in alliance with community networks to support, advocate for, and give voice to the Latinx population.

Anti Racism White Allies and Advocates

  • President: Lori Sexton –
  • Vice President: vacant (will hold a special election in fall 2019)
  • Secretary: Scott Baker –
  • email:


Disability Alliance

  • Interim President:  Matthew Edwards –